The digital age has brought on many of the problems in both verbal and non-verbal communication. While solving other problems, the worker has often found it unnecessary to communicate effectively or emotively. This often results in workplace efficiency and disgruntled workers.


Once the relevant issues are discovered, Albright Consulting Solutions has a team available to help execute the planned direction in increasing efficiency,workplace happiness, and a healthy increase in the bottom line.


The workplace environment is much the same as family life in that happiness is derived through accomplishment and success.


I believe this can be achieved by everyone, from ground-level associates all the way to the CEO. Purpose and meaning in life is our vision to share with the world, because we all seek harmony in the end.

Bernie earned a Master's in Social Work from St. Louis University and was fortunate to be among the early pioneers in his specialty field, working as a hospital counselor. 

After moving into the Oil & Gas industry, he was quickly promoted to the executive level and later left with a partner to found a "wildcat" drilling company. Striking oil on their third attempt, their company grew to become the largest independent petroleum producer in Texas.

Bernie went on to found and sell a successful mortgage brokerage, and to become a top producer in the  precious metals market for over a decade. The sales training videos he authored to demonstrate his unbeatable techniques are still in use at his former firm today.

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