The Albright Method has been developed through decades of direct selling experience – both indoor and outside selling. This is a proven system in that the results can be easily measured. The method is based in personality theory and analysis.


The big idea here is that not everyone fits in the same box when it comes to deciding a purchase. Differing personality types will result in different buying patterns.


It’s our desire to tap into this knowledge to effectively increase our sales to folks we perhaps don’t normally sell. We can communicate more effectively regardless of whether we are opposite to our potential client in personality.

The first step is to identify this personality type so that we can create a successful strategy. Questions are only one signal and we look at everything from verbiage used, accents, slurs and other external questions.

Once this type has been identified we must examine how we relate to it. This will follow through the entire sale. However; again, different personality types will yield different buying patterns and all we need to do is relate to that particular buying pattern. We all have a buying pattern and one only needs to discover it.

Personality types come into play even more often outside the selling approach.Their main influence is in workplace communication. Communication is the key to facilitate efficient business practices. The Albright Method is to utilize our strengths so we can work together as a team, through effective communication.

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