Albright Consulting Solutions offers a full spectrum of services for business analysis and consultation. Not every business will require an in-depth analysis, so several modalities can be examined:

1) Mr. Albright will personally evaluate three years of tax returns, two years of P&L quarterly statements, as well as interview the top management and decision-makers from each department. Depending on the size of your business, we try to accomplish this within three days. We then come back with recommendations and review your business optimization in real numbers.

2) Because many businesses are weak in their sales, Albright Consulting Solutions have developed a sales tune-up class that is made up of 10 consulting hours per week for an 8-week time period. Results are evaluated and, in most cases, this is enough for the year. However, an in-depth program will be available.

 3) Leadership Training. Albright Consulting Solutions will be offering Leadership Training with two formats: The first is an in-house training leaders within your own business. The second will be invitation-only and other competitors will be added. Class size is limited, so please inquire about time and place.

 4) VIP Membership for corporate development. Mr. Albright will chair the top 10 business owners in an open forum once monthly, with all clients in attendance. Mr. Albright will meet with all CEOs individually once per month to achieve common and specific goals. This group is by invitation only. Please inquire to learn more about this specialized program.