Air B&B!!! What a great idea I thought. For those who need to make some extra cash, sure giving up a little privacy is worth it. A good way to get a leg up on an unused asset like your spare bedroom or in some cases to solve desperate circumstances. I remember reading that there was opposition to this new idea and thinking gosh how can this be a bad thing?

Let me explain from personal experiences, how it ruined a 20-year friendship. Plus, let us review some hidden surprising twists on the effects of Air B&B on others.

Certainly, there are many cases where this idea yields positive fruit. However, in the case of a close friend of decades who became remarried after an expensive divorce, opening her home as an Air B&B was a solution for the newlyweds.

It seemed okay at first, although we didn’t particularly like our friend becoming a full-time maid in her own home, the whole plan seemed to work out financially with the hubby’s interest in making it a resort destination because she lived on the lake.

Soon however, we realized we were no longer being invited over as frequently and any boat rides that we had enjoyed for 20 years was a thing of the past.

Well you know the renters rented those boats, and if there was gathering, rules had to be put in place, as to not disturb their paying guests. The guests seemed to also be arrogant wealthy IT folks who came with sometimes wives and girlfriends in tow.

The first year I got to swim once with a boat ride. I was told for years to come anytime for a swim, but this was now all changed. The second year yielded similar results as we felt our friendship drift apart. These friends were like family to us as we got to watch their kids grow up and enjoyed every holiday together for decades.

One week coming back from a road trip we learned that our cat of 14 years was missing with another cat in the neighborhood. It was very unusual as Buddy (our cat) had the reputation to back down even racoons he was a ferocious fighter and a strong lover. Maybe cayotes got him but something told me no in my gut.

We found out months later that our neighbor has not only been renting out his pool house in the back, but even his entire house!!! This is a very private, upscale neighborhood with no less than 2 acre lots.

Nobody had done this in the past. We had all worked hard to earn our homes and some had retired here, taking great joy in the upkeep and beauty of our graceful wildflowers and wildlife.

An example of how this affected us… during the very first week of COVID-19 lockdown, a chartered bus arrived, the door swung open and a slew of college kids got off the bus, back packs in hand. The bus just dropped them all with their stacks of luggage and took off.

These kids were to rent our next-door home, for the duration of SPING BREAK, maybe 15-20 of them, swimming pool parties, and all.

The neighbor on their other side shared with us he had to point his cameras off his own property onto theirs because one never knows who will show up over there to rent for the night.

There is no question in my mind what happened to Buddy. Over the months it has dawned on us that the renter had a little girl who loved to play with our boy. Guessing that without a collar they mistakenly thought Buddy was wild. We now assume they probably just threw him in the car when leaving.

Asked God for confirmation of that thought, and we went from our porch into the house and flipped the TV on to an exact scene of a 4-year-old taking a neighbor’s cat as her own. NO KIDDING!

It was so explicit a “sign” we got the message loud and clear. Their Air B&B renter made off with our ‘son’ of 15 years. My wife cried so hard; the third week later she never got out of bed. Buddy had seen her through 5 rounds of cancer, 4 rounds of chemo, two years of radiation and 8 surgeries. He never left her side in her bed, not once.

OK here is another angle and how many more negatives there are can go on and on because it is unnatural. Our friend had a child that new hubby did not approve of. After long discussions as to what our spare room would rent for on Air B&B we came to a solid number. They needed a place for the child to go and I used that same number they agreed was fair, and even though they rent their rooms for more somehow my rent was way too high. Your child is not worth it? Or I am wrong because I am charging what you told us it is worth?

Regardless of the answers you see nobody considers friends and neighbors when making the decision to take the easy money from Air B and B. The psychological damage and unrest alone make it not only not worth it, but dangerous. I appreciate and cherish my family and friends too much to put them through this type of modern nightmare by opening my home to strangers and terrorizing our cherished, precious neighbors!!!

Now my wife swears they are trafficking kids or rescuing kids, or somehow adopting kids out of there?! They move their family to their lake house and bring in people who have a string of kids coming and going, oddly. They have several kids coming and going in special vans in wheelchairs, so maybe they are here to recover from surgeries? Who knows?

EVERY week is a different story. Sometimes 5 parties a week in there. They park just out of sight so no license plates can be recorded. As the wife says, “Creep Factor 11.” One time a photographer showed up to shoot a 14-year-old quasi-provocatively in the yard. The photographer was a scruffily dressed, heavy-set chic… not your top professional, in general.

To top it off, the neighbor was very secretive about his church he moved here to be close to. He didn’t bank on husband saying, “Oh? Which one?”

It never got answered. Best lesson of 2020 so far, when you do not get an answer, they are HIDING SOMETHING, not just forgetful or dinghy.

Family values start in the home, are we setting good examples or showing folks the money is more important than relationships? In my opinion companies like Air B&B can be destructive and bad for our society. Please add comments I appreciate you're feedback !!!

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