How do massive companies control corporate dysfunctionality? IS there any growth during a crisis?

The first question has the simple lest answer. It dosen’t. The illusion here is that HR has integrated the correct personalities that will minimize it or that the job expectations demand and rules will keep things in line. Why these do not address the solutions is because there is no opportunity for controlled growth and integration as to working more efficiently in a crisis.

Assuming the dysfunctionality is fixed we can obtain perfection with an increase in our bottom line even within the current lockdown situation. Indeed, we will find that in several cases companies will become stronger, due to the workers creating a closer more concentrated bond.

Let us take perhaps a deeper look at this type of outcome. The individual once at home away from the office and perhaps the controls there would be a natural relaxation of spirit. No longer the type of performing in an office for the boss, but free to contribute. The true slackers cannot hide and there can be no posturing for the big boss. Many current owners and managers have freaked out and established even more controls to micromanage.

However, similar in a sense to an isolation tank or sensory deprivation the individual may become more creative in new ways and when the correct focus is obtained, we all enjoy a significant increase in production and accomplishment. The result is not simply adaptation, but a true feeling of job satisfaction.

How can all this happen? I have designed a program that will show you the integration and the performance increase in real time and a safety net to capture the best from your work force. Custom designed for your company we first look and measure current production with possible obstacles. I rely heavily on personality theory I have developed with other professionals that will ais in closing sales, solving customer problems, allowing departments to work more efficiently. A happier workplace is the first result of increased productivity and bottom line earnings. The program can be fitted into groups and departments on a large or small scale. Albright & Associates will provide coaching for groups larger than 50.

Will we thrive or die during a crisis? Making the correct choices will determine your outcome!!

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